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    so i was looking up stuff about birth control throughout history and


    The fucking caption on the picture is the funniest part though

    The villain still pursues her

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    Remember back in 5th grade, when everyone vowed not to ever do drugs

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    I want to be the first person on the moon to shoot a sniper rifle at earth and hit a wasp nest.Β  my whole life so far is leading up to that moment







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  7. Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

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    i can’t hang out tomorrow i’m too busy doing nothing alone sorry

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    Let’s go home.

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  10. It’s so crazy to think that we’ve been friends for so long. Middle school doesn’t feel like it happened that long ago… We’ve basically watched each other grow up! But I’m glad, despite time and distances, that I can still call these gals my friends 😘 I love y’all πŸ’•πŸ˜Š @byrdsofaheather @wongstaaa